DD Security Services (P) Ltd.

DD Security Services (P) Ltd. is incorporated and came into operation in 2006 with the objective of fulfilling the demands of Trained Security Guards in Dubai as well as improving the wage level of trustworthy and courageous Nepalese people through training them in the International Level. Although many security companies are providing services within Nepal and sending some abroad, DD Securities hold the best brand throughout UAE at Hallmark Level with decent Training and Experience. It is the single security company in Nepal to provide Dubai Protective Security (DPS) and Private Security Business Department (PSBD) training courses which is very useful and important in the field in UAE.


DD Overseas Pvt. Ltd.

Established in 2006, in short stretch of time, DD Overseas proudly holds and maintains the topmost position amongst the overseas recruitment agencies of Nepal. It exclusively caters manpower to UAE with overall strong hold and branches in major cities of Nepal. It has a station in UAE, uses updated methods and devices with professional and dedicated staffs owns sufficient infrastructure and fully equipped offices with private interview venues. Appropriate policies and unique methods leave us unrivalled and unmatched.


Seven Seas Intercontinental Services Pvt. Ltd.

Seven Seas Intercontinental Services Pvt. Ltd. was founded and established in 2010 Kathmandu, Nepal and West Bengal, India. We specialise with adequate experience in recruitment. Our professional team consist of a team of quality people who will prove their worthiness to be an asset to which will ultimately ensure the benefits of all concerned i.e. Clients, Candidates and Ourselves. The Company has been working as a reliable bridge between the Candidates to be deputed in Dubai and the needy companies to get the supplies (manpower) in right time with good quality.


DD Human Resource Pvt. Ltd.

DD Human Resource Pvt. Ltd. offers international overseas services in Nepal. We provide professional staffing solutions through our expert team of human resources and hiring professionals. At DD human resource, we collect, screen, select and supply the much needed manpower to the clients in Dubai whereas we provide good employment platforms to the job seekers in Nepal.


Nepal Trade Test And Training Center Pvt. Ltd.

Nepal Trade Test and Training Centre strives to train the unskilled and semi-skilled manpower of Nepal to uplift their living standard through skills development based on vocational training and preparing them for employment within the country and abroad. Registered in 2074, NTTC has prepared a well facilitated infrastructure necessary for vocational training coordinating with CTEVT and offering a range of courses that meet various customers’ needs covering the courses of Housekeeping Cleaners, Plumbers, Masons, Aluminum Fabricators, Scaffolders, Receptionist cum Cashiers, Bar Benders, Steel Furniture Makers, Wielders and Junior Electricians. Promoted by DA Investment Group which has a good portfolio of companies with diverse but integrated business modalities, NTTC aims to upgrade the potential of human resources with skills that will optimize their earning capacity, efficiency and effectiveness at work in their chosen field. Additionally the trained manpower can quadruple their income if they migrate to foreign countries for employment.